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Friday, 21 June 2013

#vLondon - Chris Pirillo London Meetup

So it's a typical British summer day (bright but showery) when non other than YouTube personality/Tech website creator/all round geek +Chris Pirillo decides to meet some UK fans - outside. Of course it was raining! He had flown over to the UK as a social reporter aboard British Airways UnGrounded flight from San Francisco to London Heathrow.

This gave Chris an opportunity to meet local fans in the UK and to provide fans an opportunity to meet each other. The Facebook event had over 100 attendees who said they were going, on the ground the figure of 75 was banded around a fair amount. Not bad for a vlogger/geek/tech meet up in Hyde Park with less than 48 hours notice.

The event was impromptu and unscripted, it harnessed the power of community on social media websites. Drawing together like minded individuals who may never have found each others online content, and almost certainly would never have met.

There was a lot of filming! This has created a collection of YouTube videos which show the event from almost every angle. It's a fascinating way to witness the event, even having been there in real life. Recently there was talk of crowd sourcing video at music gigs (on BBC Click). I can really see this working as it is very immersive.

Check out my video of the meet up below and be sure to check our the various other videos of the event, each with their own perspective.

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