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Friday, 26 September 2008

Internet won't Explorer 8 Beta 2 - Review

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2. I downloaded it, first mistake! It doesn't run very quickly, for speed try Google Chrome. The second problem is that they have added a feature called compatibility mode. Trouble is, it doesn't seem to be compatible with any websites! Many don't let you access your account! So this is a warning, steer clear until the final release version is widely accepted!

On a positive note it does look good, but not half as good as Safari!

It's time to Face Facts...

With these amusing Facebook rules from TechRadar.com. Here is the link.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Wave Power

Portugal has a wave farm, they are like mechanical snakes in the sea, check it out from BBC News here.

Google Calculator Error

Hey guys. It seems you should never trust a calculator, even Google's search page. Someone reported on a www.digg.com post that entering 399999999999999-399999999999998 brings a false result of 0. see for yourself with this link

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Google Android

As many of you are probably aware Google have been working for sometime and with about 30 partner companies to create an operating system for 'smart' mobile/cell phones. Today the first mobile to use this operating system has been unveiled. The article of interest is at BBC News in the Technology section. Here is a link.

To find out more about Android you should check out Google's Android webpage. I think Android will be exciting for the smart phone market as it is almost completely open source and Google intends that 3rd party developers create hundreds of good quality applications for their platform. They are probably hoping to emulate the success of the Apple App store with the iPhone. The advantage of the Android operating system will be that the open source philosophy will bring rich content to a lot of makes of handsets.

So we shall see how there market share works out, especially has smart phones have a growing share of the mobile phone market.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Rave Generator

For those of you who aren't into spending hours on ReBirth or Garage Band you can get instant old skool beats with the Rave Generator website at www.ravegenerator.com
Its great fun mixing up with crowd noise and whistles, enjoy!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

ReBirth Museum

Propellerhead music software is expensive and not for the music production dabbler, you have to be fairly serious. If you are just interested in having go Garage Band is free with new Mac's in the iLife package.

There is another alternative: ReBirth 338
Go to: http://www.rebirthmuseum.com/ for information.
But basically it is a software package that is no longer for sale so Propellerhead have made it available for free, and various mods to change the way it looks/sounds. I have used this program for a few minutes and it's not obvious so I recommend looking for advice on how to use it on youtube where there are some pros!!!

If you want to learn how to make some electronic music in the style of the early nineties this program maybe for you!
By the way it takes a long long long long time to download!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Apple Remote iPhone App

Apple's iPhone is certainly the mobile of the moment, it seems like everyone is amazed when they see one. The best feature has to be the multi-touch UI. It makes it really interactive. Gestures such as 'Pinching' to zoom in and out and panning a map with your finger are so much easier to use than traditional mobile phones.

One feature that has really got my attention is the applications for the iPhone. You can download extra applications through Apple's iTunes software that thousands of people already use to sort their music for use on their iPod.

The Remote is an app made my Apple themselves and it connects to your iTunes library over Wi-Fi and allows you to control your iTunes library for track selection Play/Pause etc. This works particularly well if you have Airtunes .

Apple Remote iPhone App (Opens in iTunes)


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