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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

YouTube and iOS 6

Up to iOS 5 YouTube has been installed as part of the iOS preinstalled applications, which cannot be deleted. Many iPhone and iPad users have become very familiar with the YouTube app. It has good functionality, no bugs or major glitches, the only gripe is the strange old fashioned TV app logo. Hardly representative of the doorway to a modern video sharing service. Still as of the release of iOS 6, the pre-installed YouTube app is no more.

It seems Apple's use of Google products is no longer the default. Maps has moved from a Google mapping service to an Apple one (with its own new features!).

But what if you love watching YouTube on your iDevice? Google has created a YouTube app available in the App Store. This app also let's you sign in but it also features an up to date look and feel to the new UI. This can be downloaded from the App Store. And great news: the logo of the App is YouTube's branded logo.

To download from the App Store click here.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

iCloud.com Update

Apple's online cloud service, iCloud, allows you to seamlessly transfer data such as calendars and contacts between iOS devices. You can now access more of this information on iCloud.com. With their updated site. Inline with OS X Mountain Lion desktop apps you can now access web versions of Notes and Reminders.

The UI has had a few updates too, notably in the Find My iPhone app and Calender notifications also appear in the iOS and OS X typical red circle style. To use the new apps on iCloud.com just log in and they will appear, complete with the data from your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch if you have iCloud syncing on for Notes and Reminders.

iCloud is a free service from Apple for iOS devices using iOS 5 or later and Mac OS X Lion or later.