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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

NME Awards Voting

Voting is underway for the NME Awards at http://www.nme.com/awardsvote/
Muse are up for four awards including best DVD and best album cover.


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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

iLife '09 ships today

iLife '09 from Apple ships today, full review coming soon. Check it out

Digital Camera Magazine appears to have been hacked

Digital Camera Magazines website appears to have been hacked. www.dcmag.co.uk brings a 403.6 error, not authorized. Members of the website's forum have received the following email:

An administrator of Digital Camera Magazine Community has sent the following email
to all users in the Everyone forum group.

Sent From: admin
Subject: Attention faggots

Your retarded administrators don't understand that repairing damage is meaningless unless you first fix the problem. This forum is now 4chan's bitch, and we shall do with it as we please. Since your administrators are completely incompetent we have decided to ban them, as well as change their passwords; we're sure you won't mind. We went easy on you this first time, prepare for the worst.


Other sites reporting this include the forum of DPChallenge and www.jamesconstable.co.uk

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Microsoft Surface vs Apple Multitouch

Over the next through years an epic battle will commence between touch sensitive technologies. Apple's multitouch is currently employed with their very popular iPhone & iPod Touch handheld devices and now on their trackpads on their aluminum MacBooks. Microsoft have been developing a table top touch sensitive application called Microsoft Surface. Their surface system, or an idea based on it have appeared in many film recently including 007 Quantum of Solace. So in the future say good bye to the stylus!
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40 Amazing 3D Fractals Using Apophysis

Recently, Apophysis has been getting more and more popular among the community of DeviantArt. Apophysis, and competing fractal product UltraFractal, are the most popular fractal software used by fractal artists on deviantART.

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UFO damages wind turbine

An unknown flying object (UFO) has damaged a electricity generating wind turbine in Lincolnshire. Here is the video evidence!

Apple Announcement - DRM Free iTunes!

Apple have announced that iTunes will be DRM free and that for limited time you can upgrade your purchases to iTunes Plus (their DRM free and higher quality) tracks for 20p per single track and a reduced rate for albums.

In hardware announcements they have brought out a 17" aluminum 'unibody' MacBook Pro which has a controversial irremovable battery. They claim that the battery will last 8 hours and can be discharged and recharged 1000 times without degradation.

In software Apple have announced iWork '09 and iLife '09. The iLife '09 suite includes some really cool new features. If you have a Mac with iLife I would recommend that you check it out.

For all information about Apples recent announcements click: www.apple.com

Cold Snap - Frozen Sea

The sea froze in the harbour of Padstow, Cornwall in the continuing cold snap to hit the UK and Europe. There are widespread reports of extremely cold weather and snow. Here is a video from BBC News showing the frozen sea and scenes from across the country.
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