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Friday, 27 September 2013

iOS 7 Find My iPhone Security Loophole

The latest iOS software for the iPhone, iOS 7, has many positive and negative new features. For those that aren't keen on pastel colours and transparent affects then iOS 7 is not you. Of greater importance though is a potential security flaw with Control Centre. Control Center is a new feature which lets you control a variety of system settings.

When using Control Centre from the lock screen you can activate Airplane mode - this prevent's Find My iPhone working if your device has been stolen.

However this device is still not usable to criminals due to iOS 7's Activation Lock:
With Activation Lock, your Apple ID and password will be required before anyone can:
  • Turn off Find My iPhone on your device
  • Erase your device
  • Reactivate and use your device

To avoid this is turn off Control Center for the Lock Screen from the Settings app on the iOS device.

Apple have released iOS 7.0.2 to patch a security flaw where users could gain some access to the iPhone through the Control Centre.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

iOS 7 Released 18/9/13

Today Apple have released the latest version of their mobile devices operating system, iOS 7. It is available for millions of iOS devices through the 'Software Update' page on the General section of the Settings app.

iOS 7 is completely redesigned from iOS 6, which had previously followed the UI look from each previous version of the mobile operating system. iOS 7 takes a new approach of simplicity, layering and a new colour palette. All of the Apple apps, Camera, Messages etc. are also completely redesigned.

The new design minimises intrusion and hopes to give the user the information they exactly when and where they need it. For example FaceTime is full screen, as the conversation you are having is the focus of your attention.

The redesigned Photos app looks really good. It automatically groups your photos in 'moments' based on the time and location that the photos were taken. Other changes include the Control Centre which you can pull up from the bottom of the page to turn things like bluetooth and wi-fi  on and off. Also included in Control Centre is brightness controls, music controls and a torch (flashlight).

For more information see Apple's webpages: http://www.apple.com/uk/ios/