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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Nokia's Deadmau5 Live Event

Nokia's Lumia 800 launch party on the 28/11/11 featured Deadmau5 playing at Millbank tower in central London. They lit up the whole of the 118 metre tower in a spectacular light show that could be the future of extravagant live show productions. From Nokia's YouTube page:

"Each of the 120 metre high building's 800 windows were covered with vinyl as 16 powerful projectors, stationed 300 metres away on the other side of the river, beamed 3D images onto the structure. Huge butterflies flew across the London skyline and the tower was twisted, pulsated and even fell down. Billed as the "future of live events" the spectacular show was accompanied by music from super producer deadmau5, who created exclusive remixes for the performance -- adding the 4th dimension."

Many people on Facebook and Twitter (including this @webwarpblog tweet) complained of laggy HD video during the event live, an experience which I shared too. If you missed any if the action you can replay it till your hearts content embedded from YouTube below.


The Nokia Lumia 800 is Nokia's new flagship handset and features the Windows Phone operating system in an attempt to rival Apple and Android's market dominance.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Nokia Lumia Deadmau5 Event Tonight

Tonight Nokia and Deadmau5 will light up London's Millbank Tower on the banks of the river Thames in a spectacular 4D Audio Visual Display! This free event will also be streamed live on the internet at Nokia's website.

From Nokia's website:

To celebrate the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800 we’re hosting a multimedia extravaganza on 28 November. Join us as deadmau5 rocks the London skyline in 4D.
Joel Zimmerman (AKA deadmau5) will be performing two new tracks created especially to accompany a stunning 4D projection display against the backdrop of the 120-metre Millbank Tower on the banks of the River Thames. This amazing, one-off gig is not to be missed, so if you're anywhere near London, be sure to come along to see it live, or visit our Facebook page to watch the live stream. It’s happening in London, but everyone is invited to take in the sights and sounds of this spectacular event live from the north side of the River Thames.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sky's New Formula 1 Channel

Sky have announced that Formula 1 will be shown on a dedicated new channel: Sky Sports F1 HD.

They have also launched a new webpage on their Sky Sports webiste to include news, opinion and reaction to on and off track action. And keeping up to date with Sky's F1 coverage can be achieved through their new Twitter account: @SkySportsF1.

Sky's deal is to show all of the 2012 Formula 1 races and qualifying live, whereas the BBC will be reduced to showing a selected number of races (these include Silverstone, Monaco & Brazil) next year. Sky Sports currently consists of 4 channels (imaginatively named 1,2,3 and 4). There is also a Sky Sports News channel to show the latest sports news. It is great news for Formula 1 fans that the F1 will not be squeezed into one of the existing 4 Sky Sports channels as these are largely concerned with Football, Rugby, Tennis, Golf, the list goes on. This is also a huge positive for the fans as the pricing structure is different to Sky Sports 1,2,3 and 4.

Sky Sports F1 HD will be available to all HD Sky customers and a SD version will be available to non-HD customers who have Sky Sports 1 and 2 in their subscription pack. - although their appears to be much confusion at the moment and lots of questions on Twitter be directed at @SkySportsF1

Sky confim that the races will be shown uninterrupted, unlike when F1 was shown on ITV, much to the fans continued disgust.

More info from Sky's announcement

Image from Sky's webpage.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Gmails Updated Design

Google have recently been rolling out a new look for all their webapps. The latest webapp to the get the make over is Google Mail (Gmail). The new look gives a clean interface with bolder buttons. The new user interface also includes some options to control the number of emails shown per page. To see the new look and the options see this Google video. And it will find its way to your Gmail automatically soon!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Google Easter Eggs

Some Google Easter Eggs for you:

Search www.google.com for "z or r twice" and see the whole page barrell roll, click here for quick link to the barrel roll. This is a homage to Nintendo 64's Lylat Wars video game, which interestingly enought was marketed as Star Fox 64 outside of Europe. More info here wikipedia page Star Fox 64.

If you liked that then you'll enjoy typing "tilt" into www.google.com, here is a link to that page too: click here. Here's a screen captured video of both easter eggs.