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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Survey: How many Google apps?

If you use Google's extensive range of free services how long is it till you ask the question, should I get an Android device? If you are reading this on an Android device then I suggest you are convinced, but for iPhone users, or even non-smartphone users, an Android phone can be increasingly tempting.

Once Google is your main source of email it makes sense to move your master contacts list to GMail. With the ease of access through the website, mobile apps or browser extensions before long it's a convenient place to store almost everything, calendar, notes, and documents. All accessible on any computer through a browser and on your smartphone via apps. With an Android device all of these services are smoothly integrated into the system and sync so that you are always up to date.

The big question for non-Android users is, 'how many Google apps do I have to use before I switch to Android?'

The below survey should provide some insight into whether or not people are shifting from the iPhone and the Blackerry to Android powered smartphones.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Is Android ahead of iOS 6?

This video from Wicked4u2c on YouTube runs through a lot of the new iOS 6 features which will be coming to Apple's iPhone in the Autumn.  A lot of these features where met with rapturous applause at Apple's WWDC conference earlier this year, but how many are already included in Android's Ice Cream Sandwich operating system?


Comments welcome!

Halo LED Belt

Halo LED Belt is a Kickstarter project from a San Francisco based company. They have received their required funding, in fact at time of righting they have received 968% of the funding they asked for! So there is plenty of backing behind this product.

The belt uses LED's and the prototype is available in difference four colours to suit your style. It will make travelling around safer as it's crucial to be seen by other road users when you are as vulnerable as cyclists. It's also a pretty cool alternative to glow sticks on a night out!

Here's a quick promo video as featured on kickstarter, but for more detailed info head over to halobelt.com. Hopefully this will be available to buy in time for the winter in the UK and the US!

As discovered on Lockergnome.com.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Jedi Kittens!

There hasn't been an update on Web Warp Blog for a little while, there's been a bit of a sporting event in London over the last couple of weeks!

Here's a fun video of Jedi Kittens!!