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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Simple Cable Management Solution

Everyone hates tangled cables and the enevitable searching around under your desk to find that USB to plug your camera in... But there is a cheap and easy solution! Using the right size clip for your desk you can quickly ensure you never have to crawl under your desk again!

[Story via OS X Daily]

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New Starbucks Logo

A companies logo is critical to it's public image. Some brand's are so successful that their symbol, even without the company name, is instantly recognisable. Apple and Nike are two examples. Starbucks have enjoyed similar advertising success by branding their coffee cups, stores etc. with the familar green coloured logo of a two tailed siren and the text  Starbucks Coffee. Now a new logo for Starbucks brings a new business model which see's Starbucks moving into areas other than coffee.

Their takeaway cups are now branding with the new logo, the familiar two tailed siren, and the familiar green colour, but no text.

Friday, 13 January 2012

iPhone 4S 3G Speed

Apple's latest handset, the iPhone 4S has two antennas. Whether this is a quest for speedier mobile internet access or just a necessity for Apple's iPhone 4S to overcome the signal problems which affected some (mainly left handed) iPhone 4 users, is a debate for another day.

The key thing to note is that this change increases the theoretical download speed over the 3G mobile network from 7.2 Mbps to 14.4 Mbps by using both antennas at full capacity. From Apple's website:

Image: Apple Inc http://www.apple.com/uk/iphone/features/#performance
This claim is easy to make (and probably confirm) in laboratory conditions, but in the real world is it likely to happen? As any speed below 7.2 Mbps can't for certain be coming from this new dual antennas feature (despite the chances being that it probably is) I have set 7.2 Mbps as a benchmark. In a recent speed test with the iPhone 4S, in an urban area where there is good 3G coverage a download speed of 8.8 Mbps proves that this feature works in practice. And given the correct level of coverage, iPhone 4S users can benefit from faster speeds than (at the moment) any other 3G enable handset.

This is quite a turn around from the signal issues with the iPhone 4, and a welcome addition to an already fully featured handset. If you have tested the 3G speed of your handset, feel free to tweet @webwarpblog with details. Web Warp Blog recommends www.speedtest.net for internet speed testing. Mobile applications are available for iOS and Android devices.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

My Starbucks Rewards

Starbucks have been running a card loyalty and benefit scheme called "Starbucks Card Reward" for some time. From tomorrow their new scheme "My Starbucks Rewards" replaces it. The same physical card can be used and the existing feature of topping up the card to make coffee purchases will remain. The differences are all in the benefits/rewards.

Previously you received benefits for using your card:
  • "Free Extra Shot for your drink
  • Free Soy and Whipped Cream for your drink
  • Free Syrup for your drink
  • Free Tall drink when you buy a bag of whole bean coffee (250g)
  • Free Tall drink with a VIA® 12-pack 50p off Fresh Filter Coffee"
The new My Starbucks Rewards scheme features two levels of benefit.