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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Update to Apple TV

Apple TV's 2nd & 3rd Generation have been updated to software version 5.2. To get the update just turn on your Apple TV and wait for the auto prompt to update, or manually check for updates in the settings page. The new update keeps the general look and feel of Apple TV but it seems snapper to switch to different apps.

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There are some new features though, and one is particularly surprising! Just like when an update unlocked the ability for an iPod Touch to connect over bluetooth, the Apple TV's bluetooth has now been activated! You can connect an Apple Wireless Keyboard (connects via bluetooth) to control your Apple TV. It can be used to navigate the menus's and is particularly helpful when searching for content with text entry. Perhaps a future update will include email or Safari for web browsing?

Other new features include iTunes in the Cloud. This lets you listen to your iTunes purchases streamed direct from iTunes over the internet. This can be done with your whole library already if you subscribe to iTunes Match.

The Up Next feature brings Apple TV inline with iTunes 11 which allows you to build a playlist on the fly by adding tracks to 'Up Next'. iTunes 11 is available on Mac and PC.

For guidance on how to connect your Apple Wireless Keyboard to your Apple TV just click here for the Apple support page.

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